Get your personal graphic designer for a flat monthly fee

Reklamata gives you a professional designer who cares about your success, is reliable and always available. Just like they’re part of your team!

One plan, no surprises

Transparent pricing, no hourly rates, no hidden fees.

250 EUR

/ per month

What’s included

* Graphic designs for : Facebook, Instagram, Banners , Personal usage , redesign Logos, Coporative design , Marketing Materials

How many designs do I get?

You can send in as many requests as you want. Your designer will work on your requests one by one, so as soon they finish one, they move to the next in your queue. That simple!

What happens when I join?

We will match you with one of our designers and build your profile! In less than 1 business day you’ll be ready to send in your design requests.

What kinds of designs can I request?

From social media banners to infographics, if you can explain your request in a simple email, we can design it. Have a look at the scope of our services here.

Am I tied to a contract?

No contracts and no cancellation fees. If you cancel, you won’t be charged for anything else other than what you already paid. You can also pause your account if you need a break.

How fast can will I get my designs?

Your designer will send you the first draft in less than 1 business day. Depending on the complexity it might take a bit longer (e.g.: brochures, infographics, etc). If we need more information on your request, we’ll send you an email. As soon as your designer has everything, the clock starts.

What if I need 100 designs a week?

Your designer is only human, so you’ll get as much done as possible. But when your design needs grow, we grow with you: you can always add more designers to your account when you need more work done at the same time.