Product Design

The vision of your product is important for successful sales.

Fundamentals of product design

What is product design?

Product design is the process of creating new products to be sold by a business to its customers. Product design starts with the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas and continues through a product development process that leads to new products.

You need more than luck to design and sell popular products. Ultimately, great design is about understanding people and their pain points. Products get inside the heads of consumers in surprising ways, and product designers have taken advantage of this for decades.

Whether it’s a mop you use to clean your floor or a digital experience that is as ephemeral as it is engaging, psychological cues are everywhere.

You can learn more about the psychology of product design on our award-winning business marketing blog.

How can you turn your idea into a successful product?

Here are the four important steps you must follow to turn your ideas into a successful new product:

1. Define – Talk to customers, do market research and competitive analysis.

2. Explore – Measure the opportunity, build your business case, and develop the idea.

3. Build – Know your target, check in, and be flexible.

4. Learn – Use focus groups, listen to your team, and take advantage of social media.


Product Design
Boost your Business

We offer special prices for starter companies that want to distinguish the market and especially to sell their products unique way.

How Reklamata Product Design Team works...

We always start each project with a small creative brief

Tell us what you need.

  • Interactive Q&A customized for product design projects.
  • Flexible pricing for everyone.
  • Simple (takes just a few minutes) and proven process.

How long will it take?

Projects run for 7 days, but you can shorten them to as little as 1 day if you’re in a hurry. Many entries come in the last few days of a project, and we encourage you to wait until the project ends before picking your favorite (tell us if you want to close the project early). You can extend your project for free, up to 7 more days if you need more time.

Will you own the work when you're done?

Absolutely! Every project on crowdspring Reklamata custom legal contract giving you full rights to the work you’re buying. If you have multiple awards, you’ll have separate contracts for each. Once the contract is signed and the creative is paid after you approve the final deliverables in your project, you can use the design any way you like. You can change it or alter it in any way – it’s yours.

The non-winning work remains the property of the person who created that work. This means you may not use those other entries (or any portions of them) in any way. But we give you an easy way to add awards and make offers in your projects when you find more than one design (or name) you love.


How much will it cost and what's included?

Product design packages start at $800, while projects with a single designer (1-to-1 projects) start at $200. All pricing packages include the award to the designer and reklamata fee, a custom legal contract giving you full rights to the work you’re buying, free focus groups, our award-winning customer support, tools and platform. You can select packages and features based on what you need and your budget. You will always know up front exactly what you’ll pay, with no hidden costs and no surprises.